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"This dance and the community around it is a safe haven..."

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Words by Sylvia:

So much of ourselves is muted or silenced, we continually produce an edit version for the world... we become shadows and echoes of who we are, afraid to show ourselves completely for fear of being misunderstood or judged. So we are unwittingly telling ourselves we are not good enough...

This dance and the community around it is a safe haven, lovingly crafted and nurtured by its 4 key women so that each one of us can dance our own unique dance, slowly reclaiming who we are. And it is not just about dancing our own dance, but also witnessing the others dance theirs... we know how badly we want our authenticity, so we recognise that yearning in the other dancers... so we support each other, encourage each other, accept each other just as we are. It is a deep journey, but with lots of fun and laughter too. What better therapy than that! I have so much gratitude....


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