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Please note that we are unable to offer refunds for our events. Sometimes there are exceptional circumstances which we will take into consideration, we are of course human, however please also appreciate that cancellations can impact us greatly as we only have a limited number of places per session.


If you cannot attend your booked session for some reason please do your best to arrange for someone else to take your ticket. This could be a gift / sale to a friend or you could offer it out within the Whatsapp community group (see below).

If you wish to reschedule your booking to another date in the series you can do so via your account on our website providing it is over 48 hours before the start time. Rescheduling is not possible after this time.

Please note* It is not possible to reschedule bookings via the app.


If you are booked on to a subscription plan and cannot attend your booked session for some reason you are welcome to cancel that session and rebook another session. This is easy to do via the app or your account on our website. Once you have cancelled the booking your session will be credited on your account and you can then redeem it on another date.


PLEASE NOTE: Sessions CANNOT be cancelled and rescheduled within 48 hours of taking place; our sessions are limited in numbers and it can impact us greatly when people cancel at short notice. If you cannot attend your booked session for some reason, and it is out of the grace period of 48 hours, please do your best to arrange for someone else to take your ticket. 


If WE have to cancel a session we will endeavour to rebook the session or give you a refund for that particular booking.


Your Bulk Booking Subscription:


Once your subscription has been activated you will receive a confirmation email. 

You can then book all your dance dates via your account on the website or through the Spaces by Wix app - see below. You can keep track of your bookings here and also see how many sessions you have left to redeem e.g. 3/5.


PLEASE REMEMBER: Subscriptions / block bookings only apply to 5 sessions within one series. They cannot be carried over to another series.





Please arrive 10 minutes before the start to make sure you're not rushed. We dance in a beautiful location and there are opportunities during the year to walk around the lands and make the most of your time with us.


Location / Where to find us:

The address is West Stow Country Park, IP28 6HG.

Please refer to our website for maps and venue location including videos.

Dance Journeys take place in the Education Room (near the main reception) - follow this link to watch a video of where to park and where to dance! 



Please make sure you pay for parking during the summer months (from British Summer Time) when the park hours are open until 8pm. 

In the winter months the gates are closed at 5pm but will be opened just for our events and then locked again so please be prompt with arrival times.


Annual permits are available from Suffolk Council website and are very good value.  


The country park uses Ringo or cash. The Ringo code for the car park is 4471; we suggest you download the app before arriving.

*Please note: We cannot take any responsibility for parking charges received on site if you forget to pay.


What to bring:

Comfortable and suitable footwear to dance in. Sessions are mainly inside until we reach the summertime when we can dance outside - weather dependent; please bear this in mind.

Be sure to wear comfortable clothing - we recommend wearing layers (things can soon warm up when dancing and soon cool down when not!)

A bottle of water (we advise you to bring a snack for afterwards - any snacks for sharing are also welcome!).


Managing your Bookings:

We recommend using the app ‘Spaces by Wix’ for your bookings or alternatively logging on to your account via our website.

You can find us on the Spaces app here:

It is a very convenient way to manage all your bookings and view notifications.


Our Community:

We have a wonderful EOD Community that has grown through our WhatsApp group which you are most welcome to join. It is a space to share events, songs, journeys and inspiration every now and then, something more potent and intimate than what social media has to offer. 


Join here:  

Suffolk Group: 


Most importantly:

We really look forward to being with you in the dance. For first-time dancers there can be trepidation and nervousness which we fully appreciate but the community of dancers we have is extremely special and you will be so warmly welcomed.


If you have any other questions please emails us at


Thanks for joining the journey!

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