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"For the first time I was truly able to let go and feel safe..."

Words by Anna:

As a new dancer to us this Autumn, Anna has been beautifully describing her experiences over the past few weeks in our WhatsApp group. She has kindly said we can share these here and we hope it might bring courage and insight to others who feel the call…

Week 1:

“I just wanted to share a few words with you about my first experience with you all on Wednesday evening...

I could not have walked into a more loving and welcoming space. Hannah and Pippa are two very special and beautiful people, thank you. This is how I am naturally but it has been knocked out of me for a long time. There has been so much trust broken and loneliness therefore I have become afraid to express my true feelings in public or anywhere! For the first time I was truly able to let go and feel safe. Your beautiful interactions and love and support for each other was mind blowing.

As for the actual dance. I was obviously a bit nervous of partnering in fear of getting it wrong or not understanding in my nervousness. Pippa was just so beautiful and gentle and helped me to understand and let go. The witnessing aspect was just amazing to see and you feel so protective of your partner’s space. It felt like watching over a new toddler taking their first steps. You have to be utterly committed to them and their safety, not taking your eye off for a second. Not because you can’t but because you don’t want to. Nothing else matters in those moments and a marvel to watch. We just don’t do that anymore as there are so many distractions!

My dance, well I’ve already said a lot but I can’t remember the last time I felt like that. All the sadness and fear, anger and injustice all the loneliness and despair just evaporated in the moment. I felt free and I felt me.

I have never felt something that resonated so strongly and I simply cannot wait to progress this beautiful journey. (I’m going to gush now as I can’t help it) Each and everyone in the room I love you already (even though I don’t know your names yet) and hope that you’ll accept me into your amazing experience."

Week 2:

“Thank you for last night it was amazing.

When I came last week - my first week - the room seemed to fill with this love and energy that I thought only came from beings that had already arrived in a place of complete contentment and happiness. What I realised was that in reality everyone has a story to tell, is suffering, is sad, is depleted, is all sorts of emotions. But with the dance it’s not necessary to ‘talk it out’ just to dance it out. I have found already that the effects are deeply profound and instead of talking about my woes, (and I have been A LOT lately-what good does that do)???? I am going to try to dance it out. Maybe next time someone confronts me or tries to make me feel bad I’ll just start dancing and smiling in front of them!

Wow brilliant!!”

Week 3:

“Please can I just say on this glorious morning that I have never been immersed in a room with such beautiful and loving souls. I’m sure I will settle down at some point but after being so lonely for such a long time it’s pretty overwhelming and I almost feel bereft when I’m leaving. I don’t want sympathy but just wanted you to know how amazing you all are.

I felt emotionally and physically hollow when I arrived and went home feeling full.”

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