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"By deeply rooting myself into fertile soils, my self discovery blossomed..."

Updated: Mar 30

Our family has chosen a call to duty, honor, and migratory moving cycles. Every few years we are called to uproot and adapt to a new land, culture, and garden zone. It's an uncommon path, and one that brings as much reward as it does setbacks. I am honored to discover a treasure or wisdom along the path of this uncommon lifestyle.

As we prepared to move our family to yet another country- I felt compelled to explore the element of Air, as I felt this would be a predominant element in my near future.

A month later, I sat in a bistro chair on my new highrise apartment balcony sipping tea while overlooking the city below my new home amist a foreign country contemplating what the instinctual pull towards Air element meant. I felt that my once deeply grounded connection with Earth, soil, and Her energy was ruthlessly ripped out from underneath me-now the ground is several hundred feet below my home. How do I find that connection again? I felt a deep sadness well behind my heart knowing my day-to-day life would be vastly different than my rooted life in in my past.

My bleary eyes focused on a gentle breeze that swooped in from the east and briskly swept away the humid stagnation of another hot Korean summer day. This moment gifted me with the first wave of peace, relief, and connection to my new home, and Air element - living high in the sky. It was at this moment that I noticed my travel experiences formed an elemental pattern, likely to repeat and deepen my understanding of our universal connection to nature. I thought back to our previous experiences and gave a nod to my new perspective.

I grew up in an area where the winters were beautiful,harsh, and frigid. If you weren't in tune with nature's subtle changes, it could cost you dearly.

Our first move the the south was wet- humidity was everpresent- Water was the predominant element. The Fierce and fluid element prevailed in the forms of hurricanes, torrential flooding, and intense thunderstorms. We experienced the aftermath of the worst hurricane to hit the area in 150 years. We also found Waters serenity while watching the ebb and flow of the tide along the warm seashores of the carolinas. We formed strong community during a brief calm between storms. We left feeling bewildered and humbled by waters sheer force and allure.

We then moved to California- the land was bombarded by crisis and ravaged by fire. Panic, uncertainty, and nature's revenge- we felt like we were amist a warzone. Mother earth was fighting the imbalance of human interjections, mismanaged forests, record breaking heat and drought- only exemplifying our changing climate more as each passing month creeped by. It's as if nature, in the form of wildfires and the pandemic, turned up the heat on social, political, and geographic imbalances. It was about survival- knowing when to run away from the smoke and flames and unrelenting winds and learning to cut ties with that which no longer serve you. Too early see the blossoms to bloom from the ashes, we left Californias melting fabric in haste.

We traveled from the smouldering ashes of Fire to the serene oasis of English Earth. Seeking out grounding practices to heal using somatic and auditory art forms, I healed. For the first time I was home. I discovered true community, massage and energy work, sound bathing, and movement medicine. By deeply rooting myself into fertile soils, my self discovery blossomed. I dug deep-I dug into myself and my ancestors shadow work, pruned, and uprooted that which was not mine to bear. I planted new roots and sat back to watch them flourish.

Now I am on yet another adventure with modern day trials and tribulations that will continue humbling my understanding of living an earthbound existence - this time from the viewpoint from the sky. I hope to use this time in the ether to gain wisdom from this new vantage point while gazing out at the stars- a comforting reminder that no matter where I am, the constellations and elements are constant companions.

As we prepared for the the big move, I felt compelled to connect and explore the element of Air. I've sat on my balcony contemplating what the pull towards Air means and a gentle breeze swooped in and swept away the humid stagnation of the day. It was the first wave of peace, relief, and connection from this new environment I've had.

My experiences and travel seem to have formed an elemental pattern. North Carolina was water (hurricanes, torrential flooding, experiencing the worst hurricane to ever hit the area in 2016) California was fire (wildfire and heat and intensity at home 2020) England was Earth and grounding and replenishing (2022)

Possibly my time in Korea is Air? Just some random thoughts...


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