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  • Do I need to be able to 'dance' to attend EOD events?
    If you've got a pulse, you can dance! There is absolutely no 'level of skill' required for any of our events... Just a thirst for freedom of movement exploration.
  • Are Elements of Dance sessions instructional dance classes?
    No. The main dance journey is explorational and for you to intuitively follow the movements your body wants to make. There will be no instructions and you can dance as much or as little as you like! We encourage people to get out of their heads and into their body and this is aided by the blindfold. There will be guided warm ups but again you are welcome to follow your own intuition here and do your own warm up exercises if you wish.
  • What is a dyad process?
    This is a reflective process of intimate dialogue between 2 people. It forms part of the dance to be completely listened to without judgement. It is done privately in pairs (which are chosen at random) and then the same partnership will act as the dancer / witness. The time we give for dyad reflection is usually between 4-5 minutes each where one person speaks only on a reflective question from the facilitator. There are no right or wrong answers; it is an opportunity for speaking to the ears of the universe. Sometimes this part alone is very emotional as it can be so rare for us to feel completely heard in much of daily life. The dyad process is swapped over so that each person gets a chance to speak / listen.
  • What is a witness?
    A witness is the person who will protect us when we dance. We are partnered up so there is always a witness with a dancer. This is mainly for the safety of dancing blindfolded. The witness does not touch, lead or direct anything about the other persons dance and is encouraged not to give their own interpretations following someone’s dance. In the past many people have reflected how the witness process can be just as moving and transformational as the dance itself.
  • Am I required to wear a blindfold at EOD events/sessions?
    Not at all - blindfolds are not compulsory, they simply enable a faster meditative state.
  • Do I have to dance with other people?
    No. Although we dance in a group setting and we pair up we do not partner up to dance in Latin/ballroom style. The dance is an individual process and non-contact.
  • Do I have to come to EOD events/sessions with a partner?
    No. You are most welcome to with friends or come by yourself.
  • Is it therapy?
    These events/sessions are not specifically offered or advertised as therapy sessions but many participants have found them to be transformational and enormously freeing. Gathering in a community can be daunting but also very healing. We fully respect each individual’s needs and personal process. It is important for us to honour and hold all feelings that may occur as a result of dancing; some people feel ecstatic joy while others could uncover pain and grief. As facilitators we are trained in supporting deep emotional processing that can evolve but ask that you are mindful of your own limits and that you make us aware of any support you might need.
  • What do I wear?
    Wear something comfortable & easy to move in. We recommend layering up - dancing can get warm, yet evenings can be cool! You are welcome to dance barefooted however, please note that a lot of our events/sessions will be outside and literally in the elements - comfortable footwear is advised. Please dress accordingly and be aware that in extreme weather conditions we may have to postpone events.
  • What kind of music is it?
    All sorts! An eclectic mix of music from different genres & cultures. The music is chosen with great consideration to help dancers find a journey of discovery in their dance and movement. It is possible that you may not like all pieces of music but this is part of the process and the ‘harder / more uncomfortable’ parts to dance to usually dig into the most transformation for ourselves. Bear with it; it can be a beautiful journey! The music is specifically and sensitively chosen to encourage a heightened sense of transcendence, often with a tribal edge and an earthy or ethereal vibe. We honour and give thanks to all artists, traditions and nations from which the music originates.
  • What do I need to bring?
    Yourself! With a desire to move and dance! Please check each individual sessions/event details as requirements may change depending on locations/event types.
  • Will I be photographed?
    There will strictly be no photography at these events.
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