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"We all agreed on how important the dance had become to us..."

Words by Paul:

"After a few dance-free weeks, the Samhain dance proved to be a powerful reminder for our small but close-knit community of dancers of how extraordinarily unique the dance experience is and how lucky we all are to have the opportunity to tap into this on a weekly basis and on our doorstep. We all agreed on how important the dance had become to us and how we couldn’t imagine life without it. This was brought home to me further in a moment of quiet contemplation a couple of days later. I was giving more thought to the dyad in which we talked about what love and loss meant to us with particular emphasis on loss and what losses would have the most profound effect on my life at the moment. Apart from the loss of my situation at the farm and where I live, the one thing that leapt out at me was the loss of our dance community. It was at this point when the emotion inside me quickly bubbled up and reduced me to tears, not something that happens very frequently. The ‘importance’ that we had all spoken about on Friday night suddenly became all too apparent in just a few moments of ‘processing’ whilst sat in my truck on my Sunday morning rounds. The medicine was working alright!!!"


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