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Witnessing Nature's Dance

Words by Becca

"The unravelling seasonal changes are making themselves known to me - nature’s way of asking to be seen as it dances into the darker months.

And of course, it is my honour to step back and watch because I want to see the changes, I want to acknowledge the movements, I want to feel the difference in rhythm… and I want to witness the shifts before it is too late and all the leaves have fallen.

This ‘want’ comes from a place of curiosity; a thirst to be shown the edges, a desire to be humbled, a want to be awestruck, and ultimately, it is a bone-deep need to witness the beauty of nature unfold into its next phase of being. After all, how else will I learn?

This is also how I feel when I witness a dance - all of the above, and more.

It has recently occurred to me the real importance of witnessing - particularly for those in maiden and motherhood. We need a space to witness. It is in our nature to explore and there are rich teachings in watching others simply ‘be’, or simply ‘dance’. Storytelling at its finest - no condescending instruction manual in sight.

Just like nature’s dance, the rawness and total ‘lack of’ performance of our own dances is exactly where the beauty sits. It’s nothing but real, imperfectly perfect. In a highly manicured world where what we are shown is so often wrapped up in inauthenticity and performance, the dance provides something special - something as natural as the falling of leaves. It’s real.

Perhaps that is why it sings so deep to us, it is familiar.

I’ve had many conversations around this topic. One of the main threads being that for many people ’age’ evaporates when in the dance space. I hear and value this - yet also am so humbled when I get to witness those 30, 40, 50 years my senior. I have so much thanks to give to every person who shows up to dance for themselves, because they are also dancing for everyone else in the space too. There is a beautiful duality in both roles of witness and dancer and I cant help but feel it is the bridge that connects the disconnected.

For those currently feeling more at home as the witness, I hear you. Please continue to witness - create the space for shifts to be seen, for you bring the shifts into existence.

Dancers, please don’t stop dancing. How else will we learn?"


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