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Tending a Village

Words by Ruth

How are we learning to love? It is a wonderful and expansive practise to find ways not to ‘need’ feelings and expressions from the other. It may simply be that we are waiting for drips to land or for the cascades to overwhelm us, but this is not our true state, it is the trick of separateness. Each time we feel we have mastered the art of belonging, along comes another teacher - the age old familiars of attraction and glamour, fascination and fear. What if I am not enough? Already there is separation, right there in that very human thought.Ritual is a way to access a central memory of sorts. When we are called by the bells, rattles, drum, flutes, we understand something that does not need explanation or measurement. We are almost immediately threaded into a timeless recognition that a ritual is calling us and that somehow, time stops, the world stops. In this state we are ripe enough to make contact with the love and belonging we seek. It is no longer about seeking, in truth it is love that finds us! I have realised more clearly than ever before in my life that this is the place through which I function most fully, most richly. Holding the circle, sensing into the tension and the slack, like a weaver and a web... rather like the one we began our community dance series with. There is no wrong doing here, each thread has a place on the wheel and one cannot or need not be more influential than another. As we began to move and play, the ‘structure’ changed and the place in the middle, Spirit, became larger and more visible - pure magic in motion!

What about the uncomfortable parts where community is concerned? Showing up when we are not feeling remotely radiant or in our mojo. Accepting that anyone of us may be in this place, either privately or more visibly. Accepting that sometimes we have nothing to bring and are relying on those that have for a while. However we may show up, the importance is that we do and that we continue to honour the central hub, the fire in the centre, the light that binds us all and brings us home. While some may need to rest, sleep, dream, others will be tending the fire and ensuring the thriving and endurance of the whole. May you know this in your heart, may we All, for there is nothing more healing to humans right now than knowing we have this.


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