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Dissolving into gold...

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Words by Ruth:

I read a book and everything became STARK. The truth of our history, from the beginnings of our ability to record our experiences through art and beyond that to written accounts - most particularly in all ways related to expression, expansion, joy, freedom to explore, to dance in the truest way to our Spirit story of the now.

‘Dancing In The Street’ by Barbara Ehrenreich, is one of the most concise and comprehensive records of what has led to this present outcome that we are ever likely to find - every chapter!

I realise more acutely, that those of us that feel called to share our enthusiasm for dance journeying by offering spaces to those that need it for their health and well being are acting as mid-wives, holders of holiness, tight-rope walkers between spirit realms and earthliness. Repression has been absolute - it has led to increasing levels of depression, anxiety and isolation for hundreds of years. This form of dance invites us to reject ‘spectator’ positions and to become immersed as participants to the core - whether that be shaking us down into shadow lands or lifting us up into cries of relief at the astounding beauty of being who we are. It is not always an easy path, but it is at least one for which we will no longer be imprisoned or cast out. Yes that has happened in waves through time. It sometimes feels like we are on the margins, but never when we are present and witnessing the immense possibilities of this ‘work’. Ah yes, then we fly with you, dive into the depths with you and celebrate with you. Thank you for trusting that - in many ways we are blazing a quiet trail like a rare comet that is waiting to be (re) discovered, and for that, every speck of effort is a pleasure beyond words.


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