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Dancing Our BluePrint

Words by Becca


The statement ‘tell me who you are without telling me what you do’ has been swirling around my mind and stopping me in my tracks for a few weeks. I’m yet to reach an ‘answer’ of sorts as my response has been more of a ‘feeling’ rather than something I can articulate in word form.

Who am I? Who are you? Who are we? Why does it matter?


When we [temporarily] remove the ‘stuff’ from our lives that may usually aid us in describing who we are; our experiences, our jobs, our dreams, our traumas, our ‘stuff’ - what are we left with? Who are we, really? I suppose this is a case of identifying what matters to us. What is it that sings so deeply to us, that it is simply nothing other than ‘a-part’ of us... our blueprint, our identity.


The beauty of this pondering is that each time we step foot on a dance floor, physically or not - there is an invitation to remove the ‘stuff’ - and to dream into who we might be, on that day, at that time.

It is an invitation for us to dance our blueprints and for our community of blueprints to dance together - it's quite an image really…

Perhaps dance is our blueprint?


“I danced myself out the womb, is it strange to dance so soon?… I danced myself into the tomb, but then again once more, I danced myself right out the womb” (T-Rex - Cosmic Dancer)


The thought that dance can be our companion, our way of being, or even a part of our blueprint is comforting to me. From balancing on the edge of butterfly wing flutters, to weaving into the breath of birdsong, I rather like the idea of dance carrying me through different lives... maybe it’s because I know I’ll see some familiar faces on the dance floor.


So, tell me who you are without telling me what you do…

Me? I think I'm a dancer...


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