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Well, there we are. The Retreat ’23 was a long time in the making and so much gorgeous hard work went into it… and as the saying goes, what you put in, you get out tenfold. Well this was no exception. What a glorious 2 days we had on the land, feeling it awaken with us and dance with us. The rich company of women never ceases to amaze us all how we can be reflections of each other and go to such emotional depths without the need to explain, justify or apologise for. The acceptance and grace of women supporting women unconditionally is magical.

Over in a blink of an eye, here are some words and pictures which offer a tiny glimpse into the magical world we created during the weekend.

We never take footage of dance journeys as these experiences only make true sense in the moment and in the body memory NOT on screen! Enjoy browsing through the collection of pictures that were taken during the retreat of other moments and we hope it whets your appetite to join us in the journey sometime in the future…


"I came away actually thinking words alone don't do the preciousness, beauty and magic of the retreat and dances justice.


To actually see what you all lovingly created in pictures I hope will bring more people into such a special place xx"


"It's really hard to describe in words because it's a feeling, a frequency. I witnessed all of you and your beauty, your love,  your kindness your compassion,  your acceptance, your support, your strength and integrity and it did something within me - it made me accept myself. Hannah, Pippa, Becca and Ruth are you are magic - the container you created was pure magic. Alchemy happened."


The music for all of our dance journeys is specifically and sensitively chosen to encourage a heightened sense of transcendence, often with a tribal edge and an earthy or ethereal vibe... But it can really vary! We honour and give thanks to all artists, traditions and nations from which the music originates.

EOD May _23-061_edited.jpg

"So much of ourselves is muted or silenced, we continually produce an edit version for the world... we become shadows and echoes of who we are, afraid to show ourselves completely for fear of being misunderstood or judged. So we are unwittingly telling ourselves we are not good enough... This dance and the community around it is a safe haven, lovingly crafted and nurtured by its 4 key women so that each one of us can dance our own unique dance, slowly reclaiming who we are. And it is not just about dancing our own dance, but also witnessing the others dance theirs... we know how badly we want our authenticity, so we recognise that yearning in the other dancers... so we support each other, encourage each other, accept each other just as we are. It is a deep journey, but with lots of fun and laughter too. What better therapy than that! I have so much gratitude...."