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From Dreamtime to Springtime...


We've travelled through the dreamtime in these weeks since the Winter Solstice and now February's new moon brings the celebration of Imbolc. This is the time known for holding the whispers of springtime. It is often considered the time of really planting our dreams and seeds for the year. Stories are a big part of Imbolc as, although the daylight is increasing, the cold and dark still dominates and old traditions would have gathered by the firelight and shared stories as communities.


We have decided that to celebrate this time we will be honouring the traditions to tell stories but within a modern-world twist. Instead of holding an Imbolc dance we will be hosting an online gathering via Zoom to sit together and share stories of dance. It will be an opportunity to be in wonderful company whilst in the comfort of our own homes; a valuable time to share the stories and reflections of our dances that are sometimes to raw or to hard to put into words when we are fresh from the dancefloor.

Once Upon a Dreamtime...
Once Upon a Dreamtime...
10 Feb 2024, 19:00 GMT
Virtual gathering
An Imbolc celebration sharing the stories we dance.
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