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Core Community
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Becca is a singer, musician, bodyworker and creative designer.  Since 2021 she has been working with Hannah studying Integrated Bodywork and putting together all the design work on Hannah’s and EOD’s websites.  She is embracing medicine dance as part of the bodywork journey; being guided on how to hold ceremonial space and beautifully embodying the wise maiden mantle that is very much needed in the world.   She is passionate about bringing communities together to experience how music can move us to a deeper level of consciousness and healing.  As a dweller of the deep Piscean sea Becca has an ancient wisdom in her young bones that is learning how to hold others in soulful journeying. 

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Hannah is a bodyworker, dancer, musician and birthkeeper. She has been working professionally in the healing arts for over 15 years and has always had a deep bond with the sacred, magic and mythic realms. Her background in music and dance has regained a place in her work over the last six years through dance journeys; moving away from the concept of performance to inner medicine journeying and holding the space for people to release and heal in these ways. Nurturing and guiding others into their emotional depths comes naturally to this Cancerian who delights more than anything for people to have the opportunity to really feel. It comes as a second nature for Hannah to help people explore aspects of themselves that may have become hidden or locked away. Like the wisdom known by the Mother and Midwife archetypes, Hannah holds a firm belief that visiting the edges of safety, mystery and the unknown are necessary rites for the human spirit and she is enormously passionate about building trust with people to enable them to discover this alchemy for themselves.

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Ruth is a dancer, musician, sound healer and mythic medicine woman. Spirit is her lifeblood, her reason for living and her lifelong calling to translate to the wider world. This particular lineage of dance medicine has become her way of life through working so closely with Leo Rutherford over the past 7 years and also through the incredible improvisational musical partnership with Paul Cerigo. Blessed with a wicked sense of humour that so sensitively blends itself with sincere depths, Ruth is able to activate, inspire and engage so many people through her work and help awaken them to the beauty of spirit leading the way. She effortlessly relates to all ages and stages of life and delights in drifting back into the playful innocence of childlike ways while fully occupying the wisened and wonderful years of the Maga and Magician. This Libran's life has always demanded of her that she embody the representational balancing scales; walking simultaneously in the spirit and physical worlds as if they were one.

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Pippa is a coach, storyteller and magical elder. Through her work and life she helps people find clarity in their thoughts and alignment with their body and spirit, serving as witness and companion for people to discover different ways of being in the world. When she retired from the business world, she wanted to strengthen her connection to Nature, to Story and to Spirit. Over the past few years she has reconnected with coaching through much more of a shamanic practice drawing more powerfully on intuition, facing reality, and a sense of wonder.   A grandmother of eight, she passionately believes that elders must step up in these times to be of service to their families and wider communities in the tradition of our female ancestors. This Sagittarius wisdom keeper carries with her great arrows of inspiration and grace, leading the way back into the power our elders should rightly embody.

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